Sunday, June 17, 2012

My new obsession: Downton Abbey

Oh my goodness!! I cannot BELIEVE that I waited this long to watch Downton Abbey. It is now one of my favorite shows (And, I've only watched season 1)
I am hoping my mom will get season 2 soon, then we can watch it together. Minus the... um... inappropriate scenes, I thought they did an excellent job overall. They displayed the time period so well, I was very glad to see that.

 My favorite characters are Mary, Matthew, Anna, and William. I also like Sybil and the Irish chauffeur. I love their personalities, and how they are all different.

 Alright... what is up with Edith? She's so... mean! Granted, Mary is kind of cruel to her, but she is just so different from Mary and Sybil (I didn't know they were sisters at first)

The gowns that they wear... EEP!!! They are simply gorgeous!! I wish people still dressed like they did in the early 1900's. The clothes were so modest (Which, they had to be if you wanted to be a proper lady or gentleman... Ha... How times have changed).

 I am definitely hooked on this T.V show.

P.s: Doesn't Edith look like such an oddball (she's the blond...)

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  1. I had so much fun watching this with u!!!


    Mary Jane