Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I try to put on a happy face every single day, but now its being more forced. Between friends turning spiteful, bad math grades, confusing science teacher, friends who just don't get it, and the stress of getting into high school, I'm completely stressed. I just don't know what to do anymore. Every single friend I make has turned horrible, and even insulted my mom, which made me see red fury in my eyes. I'm not even feeling close to God right now, which is breaking my heart.

Please, please pray for me!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

School is grand... (If thats possible)

So, the first day of school flew by. I like everyone in my class (Mostly) and all my teachers seem to like me. So, I'm content.

On the second day of school we had our annual 8th grade Leadership Field Trip. Every 8th grader goes  to a campsite and participates in fun activities that help team building and leadership. It was super fun! They had a huge zip line (I did it 2 times!), a rock wall, and a thing called the Solo Challenge.
I shall explain all the activities I was brave enough to do in order.

1. Zip Line. OH MY GOODNESS. You know that feeling you get when you know you are safe, but you still feel like you are going to die? I had that... The whole way.
First, they put a harness on you that's really tight and uncomfortable, but it helps you to not fall to a horrible death, so I put up with it. Then, they strapped you to the Zip Line, and after checking it 30 times they made you sit on this huge huge deck thing, where they launch you off. I sat down on the edge with my feet dangling off the side. Thoughts ran through my head.
I've always wanted to fly. That made me laugh nervously. What if the cord snaps?! That made me gulp. What if I scream so loud I look like a loser? That made me clamp my mouth shut.
So, as those three thoughts ran through my head, I didn't even notice the lady in charge was counting till "lift off"
I jumped off the platform and started zip lining towards my destination. I flew over a huge lake, which made me gulp loudly. Then, I stopped when a guy (staff member) applied the breaks and I realized I was laughing so hard I was crying. The guy asked me if I was okay, and I replied, "Yeah. I'm fine. I was just laughing."
He gave me a weird look, but helped me off anyway and sent me on my way. It was AMAZING! The feeling of flying through the air with nothing holding you back.... *sigh* I envy birds.

2. The Rock Wall:
This... was... challenging.
I've never been a muscular girl. So, when my friend dared me to do the hardest one, I hesitated, then agreed. I couldn't back down! My pride is awful.
So, I climbed the highest one and hardest one... And, only made it half way. IT WAS SCARY! And, I only stopped because there was nothing to put my right arm on, and the wind was drying my eyes.

3. The Solo Challenge.

The Solo Challenge is a complicated event. You have to climb up a wooden pole (I climbed up one the size of a telephone pole) with ridges on the side, and jump onto a trapeze then fall down. But, the ridges fall off when your knee hits one.
Unfortunately for me, I picked the highest one (My pride really is AWFUL), and one of the ridges was already off. Still unfortunate, it was a right one. My right leg is my strongest leg, so it was so hard! I began climbing, everyone was on the ground watching me. I shimmied up the pole, hugging the pole with my arms and stepping on the ridges with my foot. But, then I came to the top...
Everyone expected me to stand up on the top of a pole that was shorter than my foot size! I FELT LIKE HAVING A MENTAL BREAK DOWN!
I was up so high, and the idea of imaging myself as Spider Man wasn't working. So, I simply said:

"I'm done. Get me down."

To which the guy (The zip line guy) replied, "No, I'm not letting you down until you finish it."

Alright, so when I'm in panic mod I can turn kind of... snippy. Especially when the man was not letting me trust my instincts! So, I said:

"No, I can't do it. Get me down NOW."

"You can do it. Just put your knee on the top and stand up. I'm not letting you down."

I was so angry, I stood up and glared at him (He wasn't an adult, don't worry. He was a teenager or a lil older). Then, everyone started cheering, even the teachers! I turned bright red and said.

"1...2...3!" then I jumped off and swung for the trapeze.


I missed by a long shot. Fortunately, I DID have a harness on, and I just lowered to the ground. But, boy was it hard and high!

Monday, August 13, 2012

New Music Gagdet

Hello, readers!

If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog, you will see a list of song clips. I thought it would make your reading experience much more enjoyable.
Leave a comment below and tell me what genres you like! Every week I will be mentioning you, and changing the music to your genre!

Back to School Mayhem

I won't get to post much since school is starting Wednesday. But, I will be back shortly after I get used to all the craziness.
It's extremely chaotic around my house. My older brother, Joe, has football every single day except Sunday, and my dad is coaching mg little brother's football team.

Football season at our house is big. It seems like its the only thing we talk about anymore :-)

Yesterday I went to my school orientation and got my locker put together. It was stressful, especially when everything is so new and we were rushing.
I saw all of my classmates, which was slightly nerve wrecking too. But, overall, I am excited for school to start and I am going to try to mAke tons of new friends.

One of my hardest faults is holding a slight grudge for people who were mean to me in the past. My goal now is to not walk into school already judging one of the new students, who was mean to me at a past school. Wish me luck!

We actually have a lot of new students. There is one kid from Mexico who really stood out to me. He looked so lost and depressed, and I felt so bad. None of the other boys walked up to him and introduced themselves, so I bet he's pretty nervous and anxious. The odd thing was, he had so many adults around him. I saw 5 adults, and my mom couldn't make out who to introduce herself too. It was certainly strange. But, if I see him sitting alone or not talking to anyone, I will ditch my friends to go introduce myself to him.

Nobody should go friendless. I know what it feels like, and nobody should have to go through that.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Young Lady's Daybook

A Young Lady's Daybook...

Outside my window... It's sunny with a bright blue sky. The sun is shining down, and it's hot outside. Sadly, the pool is closed, so there won't be any swimming. 
I am listening... To my little siblings playing. They are playing with the neighbor girl. I'm not sure what exactly they are playing, but it involves running and screaming (very loudly).
I am thinking... about how I am going to miss being able to sleep in late. I will miss waking up and going downstairs to see my siblings. *sigh* Summer really spoils you...
Learning all the time... I finally finished my book report on the first JPIIH book. It was kind of hard to write, I'm not sure why. Hopefully I get a good grade on it.
I am working on... Getting school supplies ready and organized. I just finished my binder. I really like to personalize my binders with pictures of things that represent me.
I am going... out with my mom to get more school supplies :-)
I am hoping... that I have a good school year, and make friends with new people. There is a new kid from Mexico (I think) who has a similar name to me. I think I have seen him at church, but I'm not sure.
I am reading... I WILL be reading Nevermore, the last Maximum Ride book soon!
I am praying... 
*That we move into a new house soon. My parents have really been looking a lot lately. We found one house that I REALLY like, but it's a little too pricey.
*And, overall, just everything in my life. I have begun really praying for my future husband. It really makes me feel... safe. (I know, it sounds odd)

A song I am listening to... 
I am very annoyed with Iphoto right now. My plan for this blog post was going to be uploading pictures and writing about them. But, since iphoto keeps freezing, I'll just do another random post.

I finished my summer reading today. I never really got summer reading. It seems kinda pointless. I mean, its summer. I read all the time. I actually read more than the required book number :0)

 I'm heading out to go Back to School shopping in a couple of hours. Hopefully, there will be tons of notebooks on sale so I can go and stock up for future books. I always like school shopping. I'm one of those people who tend to get everything matching but, then in the middle of the year half the stuff is missing and broken. I'm looking for a vintage design in notebooks, folders, pens, pencils.

Oh, and I will be going to get the new Maximum Ride book that is out today! Of course, I have to pay for it myself, but I can't wait to get my hands on it! I've been waiting for it since January! I have high expectations, which I hope will be granted. :-)

Also, readers, I was wondering if you think this blog is boring? One reader said it was, and I just want to know if you think it is. Don't worry about my feelings, I won't care :-)

God bless,