Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School Mayhem

I won't get to post much since school is starting Wednesday. But, I will be back shortly after I get used to all the craziness.
It's extremely chaotic around my house. My older brother, Joe, has football every single day except Sunday, and my dad is coaching mg little brother's football team.

Football season at our house is big. It seems like its the only thing we talk about anymore :-)

Yesterday I went to my school orientation and got my locker put together. It was stressful, especially when everything is so new and we were rushing.
I saw all of my classmates, which was slightly nerve wrecking too. But, overall, I am excited for school to start and I am going to try to mAke tons of new friends.

One of my hardest faults is holding a slight grudge for people who were mean to me in the past. My goal now is to not walk into school already judging one of the new students, who was mean to me at a past school. Wish me luck!

We actually have a lot of new students. There is one kid from Mexico who really stood out to me. He looked so lost and depressed, and I felt so bad. None of the other boys walked up to him and introduced themselves, so I bet he's pretty nervous and anxious. The odd thing was, he had so many adults around him. I saw 5 adults, and my mom couldn't make out who to introduce herself too. It was certainly strange. But, if I see him sitting alone or not talking to anyone, I will ditch my friends to go introduce myself to him.

Nobody should go friendless. I know what it feels like, and nobody should have to go through that.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time in school Julia. I hope you make lots of new friends and learn lots of exciting things!

    your friend,

    ~Mary Catherine :)

  2. I totally agree with you that nobody should go friendless!
    Well good luck starting school!!

  3. Good luck! I understand how it's hard to not hold a grudge. There is a girl on my volleyball team who spread a rumor about me last year and I was pretty hurt but it helps to be like St. Therese and see them as if they are Jesus. And when I'm too shy to go up to someone I usually pass them a secret note. From my experiences they seem to like it, it makes them feel noticed. ;)