Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My hopes for the upcoming school year

 With the new school year approaching very quickly, I decided to make a list of my hopes for this school year. School has always sort of been a difficult thing for me. I've changed how I educate myself so many times.
First, I was homeschooled. I've been homeschooled my whole life until I was 11. When I was 11 we moved from a small town farm to a huge city. I began to see all the possibilities that would be opening up for me.
I was enrolled in a small private Catholic school, and at first I enjoyed it. But, that wore off when I found out how cruel my teacher was. I was failing in all my classes, which is NOT a normal thing for me. I got 5 F's when I was there.
 So, my parents took me out of the school and my mother started homeschooling me again. I was enjoying it, but I didn't have the same spark for learning as before. I felt lonely, looking at all the things my brother did with his school friends. I felt lost, and alone, and I didn't even want to go to college (That's a big shocker for me!).

So, my parents enrolled me in another private, Catholic parish school. It was a lot bigger, and the teachers there WANTED you to learn. They wanted you to do the very best you can do.
I enjoyed it so much, and I can't wait to go back for my last year. I intend to work out the kinks of going there, though.
Wherever anyone goes, there will be bullies, different people, rude people, crude people, and overall snotty people, but I have learned to just deal with them as much as you can.

Now, instead of failing 6th grade, I passed 7th grade with flying colors! All A's except one B! (And, that was in Math, which I know I'm dreadful at.)

So, after that little prologue, here are my hopes for the upcoming school year:

1. I want to get a scholarship to a local high school: This will be my biggest hope. I'm praying, and praying! A scholarship would boost my confidence, and help my education so much!

2. I hope that I make my school a pro-life enviroment: Yes, it's a Catholic school, and yes, they do try to have a Catholic influence on people. But, the kids there don't even know what abortion is! Thankfully, I have been educated on the matter when I was a little princess, but it hurts me to know some people don't know what being Pro-Life means. So, I am going to educate them the best I can, and ensure that the education continues when I move on from the school.

3. I want to not get sucked into drama: I have changed A LOT over the summer. I've become smarter, and closer to God, and I know I will put that into action this school year. I will not give in to the other kids' drama. It's not worth my time.

And, that pretty much sums everything up! I really, really, hope I pass 8th grade successfully.

Friday, July 27, 2012


 Summer is already almost over, and I feel like I have done nothing! I don't like this feeling at all! List of things I have done this summer:

1. Babysit

2. Write.

3. Swim.

4. Go to the movies

5. Go on vacation.

Okay... So, maybe I have done a lot. But, I still feel like I haven't done much, which is quite strange.

I promise that longer posts will come once I start school! (I feel like I'm robbing you all of something when I don't post long.)

I promise!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Young Lady's Daybook

Outside my window~ The clouds are slightly covering up the sun. I am looking at the maple trees as they swing in the wind. On the sidewalk there are a few random girls walking, and a boy riding a skateboard.
I am listening to~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0AbTiBYrbg Beautiful song.

I am wearing~Kaki shorts and a navy blue and peach striped shirt with ruffle on the button line. I feel like I'm all dressed up and have nowhere to go.
I am grateful for~ 
*Lazy Mondays. 

*My favorite T.V show recurring for a second season.
I am thinking about~ The fly that keeps buzzing in my face and in my ear. It keeps landing on my finger and on my nose. I am seriously considering if it is Puck who shape shifted into a fly just to annoy me.
*For those who don't know who Puck is: read the Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley.*
I am reading~ Currently nothing *sigh* I need to read the next JPII high book!!
I am creating~ 2 new plots for Historical fiction novels I will be writing. And, a fan fiction novel about Once Upon A Time!!
Around the house~ Nothing really. 
One of my favorite things~ Lazy Mondays. Definition of Lazy Monday= Stalk Once Upon A Time on twitter, fan girly squeal over pictures of Mary and Matthew from Downton Abbey, and cook dinner. 
A few plans for the rest of the week~ Babysitting, maybe getting to see Brave, and just enjoying myself.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIgXghdesEk Another gorgeous song.
And, a picture:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Five Thoughts

1. Wooden Roller Coasters- I went on 2 yesterday. Wow! I never knew a roller coaster could go that fast! It was so fast I couldn't keep my head down. It was epic-ly fun!

2. My new hair cut- I got my hair cut, very short. It's right above my shoulders. Today I was contemplating wether I like it or not. I really miss my long hair!!

3. FTN Festival- I'm so missing out!! Next year, I shall go!!

4. My friend, Mary Catherine. She's in Europe right now. I am praying for her safe travel and that she has a great time.

5. Praying at the abortion mill tomorrow- Please, dear Lord, give me strength. I am so passionate about this subject.

*And, here's a 6th thought I couldn't help but sharing*

Old friends- My brother got in contact with his old friend from FL. We haven't spoken to the kid in 2 years! It was great to see him on facebook. He didn't change a bit. I remember how Joe's (my brother) friend and I used to hate each other! We could barely be in the same room without fighting. I now think back on it and laugh at how stubborn I was back then.

Here is a picture:

My little brother (3) is the cutest little boy who walked the Earth (Well, other than Jesus. I like to imagine Jesus was a very cute little toddler). His voice has a bit of a raspy edge and he is always making me laugh!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vampire Sighting!!

It seems there is a vampire... In my own home!!

*This is a joke, please do not take literally ;)*

Washington D.C Trip

Our nation's capital was absolutely beautiful! (minus all the strange people, but even they were beautiful in their own way). I am not feeling in the mood to post, so here are some pics!

 And, ever since we visited the tomb
                                                                                          of the Unknown Solider, I've developed a soft            spot for soldiers.