Saturday, May 19, 2012

The things we say...

At my house there are always crazy conversations:

Catherine and Amelia were sitting at the table for breakfast:
Amelia: "Caferine, what did the dog say to the shark?
Catherine who is in her own little world doesn't answer her sister. 
Amelia: "CAFERINE! What did the dog say to the shark??"
Catherine: (snaps out of it) "I don't know, what did the dog say to the shark?"
Amelia: "Nothing!"  and she busts out laughing. And so do I. Another Amelia joke.

Patrick and I chatting:
"But, Patrick, you have to learn math! How will you support your family?!"-me
"I am not going to marry,"- Patrick.
"Then what are you going to do??"
"I am going to work at Walmart, and live on a big farm with lots of animals."

Me, on how I am going to be president one day:
"And world peace will be easy for me!"-me
"I'll just make everyone love me. I'll send them gift baskets with little cheeses and sausages."