Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Five Thoughts

1. Wooden Roller Coasters- I went on 2 yesterday. Wow! I never knew a roller coaster could go that fast! It was so fast I couldn't keep my head down. It was epic-ly fun!

2. My new hair cut- I got my hair cut, very short. It's right above my shoulders. Today I was contemplating wether I like it or not. I really miss my long hair!!

3. FTN Festival- I'm so missing out!! Next year, I shall go!!

4. My friend, Mary Catherine. She's in Europe right now. I am praying for her safe travel and that she has a great time.

5. Praying at the abortion mill tomorrow- Please, dear Lord, give me strength. I am so passionate about this subject.

*And, here's a 6th thought I couldn't help but sharing*

Old friends- My brother got in contact with his old friend from FL. We haven't spoken to the kid in 2 years! It was great to see him on facebook. He didn't change a bit. I remember how Joe's (my brother) friend and I used to hate each other! We could barely be in the same room without fighting. I now think back on it and laugh at how stubborn I was back then.

Here is a picture:

My little brother (3) is the cutest little boy who walked the Earth (Well, other than Jesus. I like to imagine Jesus was a very cute little toddler). His voice has a bit of a raspy edge and he is always making me laugh!


  1. Aww. you are so awesome Julia! I shall see you soon because I am coming home tomorrow night!!!! Call me as soon as possible!!! I have missed you so much!!!

    ~Mary Catherine

  2. He is just too cute! I would love to see your new haircut. Will you send me a pic?